Saturday, 23 April 2016

Savvy Tip - Get the Most from Pump Container

I love the convenience of pump packaging for body lotion that I am using a lot since I moved to Perth.

However, I really hate the part when there is still a fair bit of contents left in the bottle and the pump is ‘spitting’ the lotion or cream in a spiteful manner like a spoilt little brat.

You can turn the bottle over and unscrew the pump cap, or you can do this easy trick (remember, there is nothing to be ashamed about being frugal, and not being wasteful!):

If your pump container is soft, you could use a regular small cutter like I use and cut around. It’s probably a good idea to use a marker to draw the line before cutting or you will get jagged cut like mine, which I trimmed using a scissors, easy peasy. Make sure you don’t cut to near to the content level to avoid spillage. 

If your bottle is made of thicker material, you might want to use a heavy duty cutter. 

There, done! Even with this depth, it’s easy to scoop contents using a spatula or teaspoon. 

You can use a waxed paper or cookie paper if you like to make the temporary cover - to prevent lotion from drying out. I just used a 80gsm paper, folded into half (for extra tear-resistance) and press the sides down. 

Use an elastic band to secure. That’s it! I am most likely to finish this in a week or so, so there is no real need to use expensive materials. Most importantly, all these are going into the recycle bin! 

Well, you can always demonstrate your creativity by doodling on the temporary cover! 

I am running a tight schedule for school assignments, but I’ll be back with more reviews on new products!

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