Saturday, 14 May 2016

Vitamin E, Lip scrub, Probiotics, and Whitening Soap

I have changed out the probiotics to Jarrow Formula brand - no real reason, I review the supplements from time to time, and especially when there is a sale, I take it as an opportunity to try new brand. The reviews for this particular probiotics are quite amazing, so I thought I give it try.

Along with that, I bought a few more stuff:
Organic Cofee - I am more of a tea person than a coffee person. It’s something to do with how coffee causes migraine for me, and also that I really don’t do ‘sour’ very well. Only some coffee tastes less acidic, but most of them leave this acidic aftertaste that I don’t like. I like Madre Labs organic coffee though,  but coffee preference is very personal, so it might not be your cup of ‘coffee’. 

Jarrow Formulas, Probiotics - I have changed out my probiotics, and this is working really well for me, so I am going to stick with it for a bit. The great reviews have definitely boosted my confidence.

Chocolove sea salt chocolate - I used to order this a lot, but it’s either my ageing tastebuds are changing or the quality of the chocolate is changing. I don’t find the ‘kick’ out of it anymore. I used to find it more ‘creamy’ despite the 55% cocoa contents in the dark chocolate, but I find it less creamy now, so there is a lack of satisfaction. 

Now Foods, Organic Jojoba oil - I am out of Jojoba oil as I am using more of it for the homemade salt scrub

Vitamin E oil - I had a few ‘oil seeds’ under my eye, and they were an eye-sore, so I picked them out with needle and tweezer (not recommend!!) and that left dark spots instead. I scar very easily. I am using the Vitamin E to hopefully lighten the marks and also dabs it around my smile line and around my lips. As with most vitamin E oil, it’s thick in consistency, so a little goes a long way. Have yet seen noticeable result, but will continue to use nonetheless. I also use it in the mud mask

Lightening soap - I was rarely out in the past. I am considered fair-skinned. Since arriving in Perth, I developed a love-hate relationship with the open spaces. I love how spacious Perth is as compared to the densely populated Singapore, however there are also lots of open spaces and Australia has the highest pfravelance rate for skin cancer because of the UV rate is higher. My exposed skin is a shade darker than my skin, and I am not happy. I really don’t like inconsistency. This English rose soap seems to receive many successful reviews on lightening and washing out tan-lines. I am alternating this with my salt scrub and nice smelling mango body wash! It’s been only a week, so I can’t tell if it’s working yet. 

Lip sugar scrub - I hate dry lips and lips with dead skin. While my gentle exfoliator for skin seems to work well for lips too, it can be too drying. I like this sugar scrub that leaves my lips soft, exfoliated and moisturised. 

Alternatively, I shop at Amazon because the boy has a Prime account.

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