Monday, 14 March 2016

DIY Clay Mud Mask


My Personal Formula - Suitable for Dry Skin

1 tablespoon of clay powder
1 squeeze of jojoba oil
3-4 drops of tamanu oil
5 drops of rose absolute oil
Water (at your discretion)


1 porcelain or plastic bowl
1 mask brush (or spatula, I prefer brush)


With all the ingredients in the bowl, add 1 tablespoon of water to it. Use brush to mix, if the mixture is clumping and still powdery, add another tablespoon and mix. Continue to add more water and mix until it forms a suitable consistency. I like it thicker, as it can be quite difficult to apply to face when it's too thin.

Tip: You may need to apply by layering, and also avoid pressing hard on face as it may 'scrap' the previous layer off. 

Leave for 10-15 mins, and rinse with luke warm water. 

*Original post with more details on the essential oils and photo of the mud mask on face posted on 

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