Thursday, 27 October 2016

My Alternate Source for Beauty Products - LookFantastic

 Avene on LookFantastic

I have been THE online shopping Queen back in Singapore, then I moved to Perth, Australia and even before I arrived in Perth, I had sourced out the shopping links for my beauty products hoarding to continue.

Now that I have moved to Denmark, there is minimal culture shock, except for online shopping culture shock! Well, you know about EU right? So, my past beauty stash sources are predominantly from Asian continents - think Korea! It had little impact when I moved to Perth except for some price changes - so much cheaper to buy from Korea when I was in Singapore. It’s a whole lot of tax and duty change when I move to Denmark!

For an order of AUD45, I have to pay a tax and duty of approximately AUD40! What! Ok, so I have been actively sourcing for product alternatives (I do miss my snail creams. sob sob), and new online shopping venues in the Europe (buy from Europe, and there is no tax!).

I have found LookFantastic and have since ordered thrice with them - and I’ve only been in Denmark for two months! Speedy delivery, and fabulous free gifts, and discounts! Not only that I found great discounts on there, my HG products like Alpha-H and Moronccooil are available on there too, at better prices!

1. Subscribe to their newsletter, they have different beauty bags every so frequently, you will find yourself wanting to buy something just so that you get their beauty bags!
2. With the newsletter, you will get updates not on the freebies, but also special discount codes to use (up to 22% discount) on your order. As usual, conditions apply.
3. Check your country of delivery and try to meet the minimum order to qualify for free tracked delivery.

I will be reviewing the Avene products over the weekend - 1-2 products per post. They are not sponsored products, I paid for every one of them. They are so good!

P/S: I have also found alternative source for my supplements supplies, iHerb orders got taxed too much, so I decide to put iHerb aside for now, until I am back in Australia. 

Another source is Amazon.

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