Sunday, 13 March 2016

Neocell Super Collagen Powder - iHerb

Cost of living in Australia is on the rise, and there are many products that are only available in the States, so I 'resorted' to online shopping.

These are some of my stash of supplements, household products and I even grabbed some cosmetic on their clearance page and trial products at unbelievably cheap prices.

Neocell super collagen is my staple supplements. It supports my degenerative discs disorder, and it definite won't hurt to also keeps skin, nails and hair healthy! I used to have back pain every other day, and it can be crippling as I may not be able to move an inch without excruciating pain. I rarely experience pain on my back anymore since I started consuming it. 
Tips: Mix the powder into a paste by adding small amount of liquid (I drink this with almond or soy milk, you can consume with fresh juice if you like), then add more liquid of your choice. If you mix too much liquid at once, it will clump. 

Super Enzymes capsules are including in my daily intake too, as I have a very weak digestive system, and from time to time, if I can't digest the consumed food quick enough, I will experience reflux (GERD) problem. 

Method Hand Gel is actually a purchase in error! I meant to order the foaming handwash refill. Well, it turns out, if I thin the gel with water and use with the foaming pump bottle, it still works too! I love the scent, so refreshing!

Alba Botanica Very Emollient Bath and Shower Gel is another new favorite. The mango scent is so yummy and it doesn't leave the skin dry and tight after shower. Love it!

ELF eyeshadow is just a thrift pick from the clearance department. The girl has to give herself a treat once in a while!

LactoBif Probiotics is also my staple for the same digestive problem. There as a time that my reflux problem had gotten so bad that I couldn't swallow food or liquid. Probiotics really helps to keep things on check. 

I save at least 30% when buying on iHerb for high quality supplements, health, beauty and household products. 

If it's your first time ordering from iHerb, you can save $5 off your first order using this link: 

With FREE SHIPPING option offered by iHerb, it helps to stretch my dollars.

Happy Smart Shopping! 

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