Saturday, 25 March 2017

Must Love Teas!

I am never truly a coffee lover because I really don’t like the acidic aftertaste of coffee. Needless to say, I rely on tea for some pick-me-up caffeine. 

While there are some Celestial Seasonings teas in Denmark, the range is quite limited. I ordered some on iHerb and these are some of my favourites:

  • Rooibos with Pomegranate - Caffeine free red tea, ideal for evening consumption; I usually add some soy milk (or milk of your choice) to neutralise the sourness of pomegranate. It’s a very fragrant tea though. 
  • Rooibos with vanilla - Caffeine free red tea, ideal for evening consumption; I like it with a teaspoon of sugar and soy milk.
  • Honey Vanilla Chamoile - Caffeine free, ideal for relaxation and before sleep consumption. My  ultimate favorite winding-down tea. The tea is great on its own as you indulge your olfactory sensory to a hint of sweetness of honey and mysterious hint of vanilla. I am not always a chamomile fan, but this is just heavenly. I have sent to several friends in Singapore to try and they love it! I also take it with soy milk sometimes. 
  • Twinings Lady Grey - All time favorite! Get only the loose tea, the tea bags type taste a lot more bland, and if you are like me who likes strong taste (I am the “double-bagged” tea lady!), you will like the loose tea. 
I liked these okay, but they don’t make it to my favorite list - tea preference is very personal:
  • Green tea with honey lemon and ginseng - Day consumption that I alternate with earl grey tea. It’s not exactly what I like. I am not big on lemon, except when it’s infused in earl grey. 
  • Twinings organic rooibos - Caffeine free red tea. I find Celestial Seasoning’s rooibos to my liking as it has more “earthy” tones which I prefer - it’s not hard to guess since I love earl grey.
  • Twinings Pure Camomile - Caffeine free. I like it alright, nothing impressive really.

What are your favorite teas? 

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