Monday, 14 March 2016

Biotin, Lutein, Coenzyme Q10, Probiotics

Coenzyme Q10 - I have since 'upgraded' to Ubiquinol after being advised by a friend that it's the 'purer' quality and would probably be more beneficial to me. 

Probiotic -my staple for the same digestive problem. There as a time that my reflux problem had gotten so bad that I couldn't swallow food or liquid. Probiotics really helps to keep things on check. 

Biotin - Even though I am taking the super collagen powder to support my chronic back problem, which also helps with hair and nails, I decide to top it up with biotin for hair loss control. 

Lutein - Eye health support. I had lasik surgery done on my eyes for eyesight correction and have enjoyed many years of perfect eyesight less astigmatism; regretfully, it's starting to regress, and with ageing, I feel that I need something to support my eyes. 

Leave-in Conditioner- This is the bomb! Really, Perth is dryer and summer here is a hell hot torture! Needless to say, the heat and dryer air dries out hair rapidly, and the frizz is driving me crazy! This leave-in conditioner is perfect, it's not greasy (but you might want to thin it with wet palms before applying on hair as it is quite thick in consistency) and leaves hair nicely in place. 

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