Sunday, 20 March 2016

Room Fragrance Diffuser - Essential Oils

I have heighten sensory for smell, so are many people. Our moods can be altered by the scents that we are being exposed to. Some scents can even trigger migraine or adverse effects for some people. I am not an expert in essential oil, I did a lot of trial and error to learn about the effects each scent has on me. So, you will have to try out on your own. 

I usually buy Aura Cacia and Now Foods essential oil. AC has rather high quality essential oils that smell very clean and pure; Now Foods carries very affordable range, although I would rate the scent quality a little lower than AC. 

Homemade oil diffuser - click through link for instructions

I used to make my own room diffuser, and posted a DIY tutorial on my other blog.

Vase Cosy (Free crochet pattern) - Now I just drop the essential oil directly onto the crochet flowers made with acrylic yarns. Acrylic yarns are very resistant to staining, so the oil doesn't leave stains on the flowers after diffused.

I always love my room to smell sweet and nice, it gives a nice and refreshing feeling. I am allergic to pollens, so this is just perfect! The best thing about this is that I can change up the essential oils mix whenever I feel like it. I usually use eucalyptus oil as base and add some orange essential oil.

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