Saturday, 2 April 2016

Mizon All in One Black Snail Cream Review

I have been using Mizon Snail Creams:
(Click on the individual link to read the reviews that I blogged on quirkymissy blog). 

Today, I am reviewing the newer snail cream - Mizon All in One Black Snail Cream. 

I am still using the all the Mizon products that I provided the links for, except for the intensive ampoule, as I replaced it with SkinLab Red Serum. When I moved to Perth, my skin needed something more moisturising to combat the dryer climate here. So, I bought the Black Snail cream to use as night cream as it is richer. 

It’s more creamy as compared to the original snail cream

It absorbs into the skin quite rapidly, leaving skin hydrated but not greasy

It is hard to say if it helps with whitening or wrinkles, because I use a bunch of other stuffs to maintain even skin tone, and minimising formation of fine lines or deep wrinkles. The original snail cream is by far the most effective skin products that helps with many skin problems, so I figure that the black snail cream is just richer and more powerful - given the higher price!

Look, I really have a bunch of skin products, so I mix and match every now and then depending on what I am doing that day. 

Say, if I am putting on a sheet mask, I would just use:
  • Mizon snail eye cream + Mizon snail repair cream (because I usually wipe off some of the residue from the mask due to the stickiness). 

If I am doing a mud mask, or facial scrub, I would use:
Admittedly, skin care routine was easier when I lived in Singapore where the climate is relatively stable and consistent, except for being hot, hotter, or unbearably hot, the humidity is permanently high, so there is no need to make adjustments to the cream regularly except for biological changes (hormonal changes, or age progression). When you live in a place with seasons, you have to make changes to your skincare products so that your skin gets the moisture and care it needs. If not careful, one dry winter season can cause permanent damages to your skin - think fine lines, and yes, this is speaking from experience!

I am a nerd, that is a given, and I am also very particular with skincare routine, the bonus here is that with a nerdy mind, it means I do more intensive research than most people (I really do!). Korean products are agreeing with my skin better than big Western or European brands (including Japanese brand, it’s very odd!). Korean products cost a lot lesser, but that is a happier news!

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