Saturday, 2 April 2016

ReFa Carat Face Slimming Gadget

I ‘invested’ in a face shopping gadget in 2014, and I am still diligently using it. The original post was blogged on my Quirky Missy blog, but I am updating the results here as I plan to move the health and beauty products review over here.

ReFa is a Japanese made product and this is not anywhere near cheap, as with most Japanese products. However, I would think it is by far one of my most prized investments. Simply, it delivers results.

(Pop over to the other blog to read about the introduction and whatnot, this post is just an update.)

So, what happened was that I posted the results after using the gadget for 2.5 weeks. I noticed quite huge difference that the ReFa made to my face. My chin looked sharper, and my usual puffy face leaner.

I continue to use ReFa every morning. I used to use it at night too, but now I am also more diligent in using different facial mask (like the clay mud mask and other moisturising mask sheets), I skip the ReFa, because it’s harder to roller when the face is ‘slippery’.

This photo was taken on 29 March 2015. Pardon the dirty face, I doodled quite a bit, but I am not always conscious about how much lead my fingers and hands are picking up. I was also trying out a new cc cream (will blog about it soon, as I have ordered the full size!), and was raving about it to a friend which prompted me to touch my face with the dirty hand, hence the dirty face! I choose this photo because it shows more clearly of my jawline than other photos, and my weight/size is more consistent with 2014 photos (yup, I have put on quite a bit of weight since I moved to Perth!).

I think it’s fair to say that I managed to maintain the sharp chin. Even when I was chubbier, my chin was still sharper.

Remember that this doesn’t reverse time and ageing. It mimics the face massage and toning techniques that exists for ages, except that it’s more effective and consistent than to rely on pinching with fingers because with pinching, the strength we use may vary. Most importantly, ReFa makes use of technology (the solar panel) to deliver micro-current to accelerate performance and to plump up cells under the skin to make the skin appears to be more supple and healthier. So, key is consistent use.

Now, given the visible and consistent result, I am suing this on body too. Think cellulite and boobs. :P


  1. Hi dear,
    I enjoyed reading your review on Refa carat. I am considering on buying the face version. Are you still using it? Does the result disappear when you stop using it?
    It would be VERY helpful if you can reply me. Thanks :)

    1. Hey Irin,

      I am still using the reFa carat! I have since moved to Australia, and then Denmark, and then America to live for a year or two in each place, and I always bring my reFa with me!

      As I have always been using it, so I don't know if the result disappear, but I would suspect so. It's not something that will reverse aging, but it helps to excite collagen growth and improves elasticity. In that sense, it may sound like a reversal because we are aging every day, but if we could bring the level of collagen up every day, we are able to postpone aging process.

      The older we get, the harder and slower we can generate collagen on our own or with help of the tools, still, it helps to improve overall elasticity. Hope that answers.