Thursday, 31 March 2016

AHA, Omega-3, and Herbatint

Omega-3 - I ran out of my usual omega3 supplements and decided to try another brand which is easier on the wallet, but doesn’t compromise on the quality - at least the reviews said so. The down side is that instead of taking one soft gels, I have to take 2. 

Hyaluronic Acid (with AHA and grapeseed) - Have not tried this before, ‘bumped’ into this product page when I was searching for something else. Accordingly, hyaluronic acid works better for people who are taking collagen - me! I am diligently taking Neocell collagen powder for my lumbar discs that have degenerated since my early 20s due to injury sustained in mobile accident and further strain caused when moving house. You should also know that it has aesthetic benefits too, as it works with the connective tissues throughout the body such as skin. Skin loss of suppleness and collagen is one of the biggest concerns for any adult woman! With age, and harsh environmental exposure, and choice of food diet, we are losing the collagen faster than before. So, work on that collagen retention, whenever possible, because collagen injection is going to cost a lot!

Herbatint haircolor - I have genetic grey hair, it means I have grey hair even as a small child. I don’t mind if all my hair turns grey (especially that it’s a trend now), but it’s not the case, so I use hair color regularly to cover grey hair. I want to opt for something gentler that uses more natural ingredients in the product. I have been using herbatint, and I really like it a lot. It doesn’t smell like ammonia (because there is no ammonia, alcohol, and paragons in the product), and I like that I can choose to use part of it. I have short hair now, so I don’t need much, and I do regular touch up, that means even lesser product. Yes, you have to mix your own, and it’s easy. 

You can use your use any bowl, and get the application kit that consists of a measuring cup, the brush and a cape. Although the bottles have markings, it can be quite difficult to see the marking on the green bottle, so the measuring cup is a bonus. 

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