Friday, 18 March 2016

Earth Mama Body Butter, Valerian Root, Silymarin Liver Support

These just came in through the delivery earlier this week. 

Silymarin - Liver support supplements. This is especially beneficial to generate liver cells damaged by alcohol and drugs consumptions. I have chronic skin conditions that are managed through long-term medication; and I also enjoy (a lot) the distilled liquids (wines, whiskey). The least I could do is to step up on protecting the liver. 

Body Butter - My first purchase, and have been using it for days. To be honest, I am using this primary to prevent skin sagging. I read an article recently that the skin around our boobs and neck age faster than other areas. Rave reviews, so I decided to give it a try. I like that it absorbs pretty quickly but not fully. It does leaves a film of smooth creamy touch on the skin. I imagine that it may be more pronounced if used in humid climate. 

Valerian Root - I get anxious easily (for so many reasons!) and I also have a hyperactive mind that sometimes gets super fueled up in the night. I had been given prescriptive drugs to calm the nerves, but they tend to compromise my memory and I need my brain functions up at 100% since I am back to school. Valerian root does a beautiful job in calming my sensory processing activities without compromising on my memory functions. However, I would recommend that you do a thorough research before trying this herbal supplement in place of your sleeping pills or anxiety pills, it may work differently for everyone. 

Orange Essential Oil - I really love my room to be subtly sweet and pleasant smelling. Orange is very uplifting yet not overwhelming. It reminds me of Lunar New Year when we would be peeling mandarin oranges and filling the house with fragrant orange scent. 

Tea Tree Essential Oil - I use this in the bathroom, as it has a sharper scent that rids of odor. I use this together with eucalyptus oil which gives a good balance and tone down the sharp notes. This would be great to add to the DIY mud mask on days of breakouts too. 

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