Thursday, 31 March 2016

Herbatint Hair Color

These are my current mix of shades now. 5N is my base color (I never had Asian black hair, my sister and I have a golden dark brown sheen on our hair, her children have at least one shade lighter than ours), and ’N’ series tend to run dark. I like a bit of red to brighten the shine, but not so much of bright mahogany red, but still leaning toward the brown shade - copper. 

See Herbatint official website for tips. 

Besides the fact that I can mix part of the products according to my need (think economical advantages!), I can also mix the colors up (think creativity! How exciting!). The trick is to get the same number (the bigger the number, the lighter the shade, I don’t know why they like to do this to confuse people!) but different series. R is the copper tones series; N is the natural tones series. 

This is my first time mixing up series, so I am starting ‘safe’ with just ‘brightening’ effect. I could use just 5R, but I do want a in between, 5R was a little too bright on me. I’ll see how it goes. Will take photos of just 5N, and 5N + 5R (no 5R alone though) weeks from now. 

Tip: Herbatint hair color requires that you mix the contents yourself, so you may want to consider getting their application kit with your own bowl. 

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