Friday, 18 March 2016

Madre Labs Organic Coffee, Cocoa, Spirulina

Organic Coffee - I am more of a tea person than coffee person. Coffee tastes too acidic for me. I am very taste sensitive. I used to drink coffee, 2-in-1 coffee with too much coffee mate! I am more of a casual coffee drinker now, and regular tea drinker. When I do take coffee, I like this organic coffee. It's probably the tastiest coffee I had ever tried! It is not acidic and knowing that it has reishi powder makes me feel healthier already! 

Organic dark chocolate - I am not much of a cocoa drink person, but I have a very nasty gastric and reflux system, so from time to time, I do take cocoa drink with oats to calm the system down for a bit. This is very delicious!

Probiotic -my staple for the same digestive problem. There as a time that my reflux problem had gotten so bad that I couldn't swallow food or liquid. Probiotics really helps to keep things on check. 

Organic Spirulina - I know this is a super food for antioxidant and also incredibly high in protein. I picked this up at the 'Trial' section, it cost about $2.50! 

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